Sunday, May 07, 2006


Don't care about golf, but since the news is about a woman, so putting it up here: Michelle Wie made her first cut at a men's professional event, reports BBC.

I often feel like that Wie looks down upon any of the ladies' golf tournaments and only considers the men's as real golf tournaments. That's just my feeling from whatever I read about her or her interviews on TV and elsewhere. I hope I am mistaken.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Kudos To Them

The Kabul Star football is manufactured in a large house in the Afghan capital. The production line runs through its many rooms. Hexagons of leather are cut and painted in the garage, they are sewn into balls in the living room, washed in the upstairs bathroom, and put in bags in the master bedroom. What makes the factory really unusual though is that all 60 of its workers are women, reports BBC.

As well as earning a wage, she says the Kabul Star workers are also trained and encouraged to set up shop on their own. Despite all the challenges Afghan women face, the government says a growing number have done exactly that since 2001.....................One women already doing so is Hasina Sherjan, whose company Boumi exports embroidered curtains, cushion covers and other goods to Europe and America.

Wish them all the best. Hope Afghanistan doesn't fall back to the Taliban regime, and these women continue to grow and lend help/support to other Afghan women.

Another First

Margaret Beckett has become the UK's first female foreign secretary. Details here