Friday, June 30, 2006

Pink Soccer

Well! they are exactly not wearing pink, rather yellow and red, but hehehe :):)....

Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Kaka and David Beckham are unlikely icons among girls in a remote village in the dirt-poor Indian state of Bihar. The girls of Barauni village in Begusarai district eat, drink and sleep football and stay up all night to catch their favourite teams at the World Cup on television.

The whole story is here

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Good News

for Kuwaiti Women :) - Electoral first for Kuwaiti women, reports BBC.

Five women have become candidates in Kuwaiti parliamentary elections for the first time in the Gulf state's history.

The Kuwaiti parliament voted last May to allow women to vote and run for office, ending a 44-year ban.

BBC Gulf correspondent Julia Wheeler says it has been a long hard struggle for women's rights activists in Kuwait to get the vote and be allowed to stand for office. Aisha al-Rshaid has campaigned to become a candidate Women have been denied full political rights in Kuwait since the foundation of parliament in 1962. The ban was overturned by a parliamentary vote in May 2005 after several earlier attempts were blocked by parliament. Women have long served as diplomats, run businesses, and worked at all levels in industry in Kuwait. A female minister was appointed soon after women were given the vote.

While reading this it is interesting to note that women in Saudi Arabia has no voting rights. Hmmm...what is Bush doing? I thought he invaded Iraq on the ground of bringing democracy to the world. So when is he going to try bringing democracy to Saudi Arabia!!!!!!!!!!???????