Monday, June 16, 2014

We were out on Saturday to see a wolf-preserve nearby. It was a very chilly day and none of us were dressed appropriately for the occasion. So, I jokingly got between my husband and our friend who happened to be a guy. He asked me if I always thought men as creatures who are there to protect women. Not sure why he asked that as now and then he says lots of things without meaning them (it seems). But, in case he was serious, here is my answer to him: read the cartoon HERE or copy/paste

Pink Lego For Girls...

A very nice article HERE. If the link does not work, copy and paste it in a browser:

The article is about pink legos for girls, and how it only contains mommies, daddies, fashion items and cuddly toys. Such sexism is not only dangerous for girls/women but more also dangerous for boys/men. How it can be dangerous for men? Well, if little boys see these things on TV and on store-shells and if he is brought up with the idea that women are sex-objects and are there only for sex and do all his house-work, then reality will hit him hard when he goes out for dates/marriages. In the twenty-first century, it will be very hard for him to find like-minded and educated women (unless of course he is interested to have as his wife a dumb, illiterate person) who will confer to his stereotypical ideas about women.