Thursday, October 31, 2013

I came across this woman Annie Londonderry in an article about a couple of days back and then went to dear old Wikipedia to learn more about her. What a fascinating woman! No fancy degree in her bag or no scientific achievement to boast about, this mother of three did something which at that point in time was quite a challenging act to do. In her own words, she was a 'new woman', who believed that she could do anything that a man could. The times were tumultuous; the world was yet to witness the senseless wars and it was certainly not an easy place for women who dared to move away from the prevalent societal norms and 'do something different'. Yet, she did and, I would like to think, inspired many young women and girls to travel on new roads. But, as you see, she was soon forgotten and I wonder why no one remembered her...


  1. Of course no one will remember her as she dared to go against the norms. How dare she did that!!?? Isn't this a tragedy? This act of ignoring and forgetting women's achievement still continuing.

    What were her some major accomplishments, achievements?

  2. I got to read the wikipedia article now. What an amazing person she was!! Wow! it is still unbelievable in this age of women's liberation and independence for a woman to achieve such a feat; she did it during a time when women were not even considered second class citizen. Hats off to her!