Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why Equality and Respect Required Everywhere

Upworthy wrote, "In a widely-read study, Harvard Business School students were given a case assignment on Heidi, a real-life successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. But there was a catch. Half of the class randomly received their case with one teensy tiny change made: The name "Heidi" was changed to "Howard." Afterward, the students were surveyed, and though Heidi and Howard were found equally competent (as they should have been because they are the same person), the students found Howard much more likeable. The following ad pretty much sums up why."

I would also say that men also gain such labels like effiminate, girly, not a man's man, etc, etc... and if they gain such labels in workplace or anywhere, then their lives are also pretty much ruined like a woman's life can be. That's why equality and respect so much required in everywhere, in every aspect...

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