Thursday, April 20, 2006

First Woman Prime Minister of South Korea

Ms Han Myeong-sook was endorsed by the National Assembly as the first women Prime Minister of South Korea. She is a member of President Roh's Uri Party, has been the Minister for Environment and Minister for Gender Equality, and is also a well known feminist and democracy activist. She was jailed in 70'the s for protesting against the authoritarian rule of the government at that time. Aged sixty-two, she has been known as a critic of the US approach to North Korea and speaking out her mind on various issues of national interest.


  1. Can you make a list of women leaders for all the (or at least the influential ones) countries, and then analyse whether the country was more or less successful (GDP, poverty, education, defence) during her reign? I am sure almost all female leaders have been strong ones, as females do have to jump through much higher hoops to get the job... but an analysis would be really nice :).

  2. Yep, Sray, that is going to be my second dissertation ;);)...