Thursday, April 06, 2006

Is it a curse

to be born as a woman? I often times wonder so. It doesn't matter where you are born; as you grow up you will realize that you cannot go out anytime to anywhere (because if you do you're bringing rape to yourself; good girls don't wander out the house at night!!); you would find it very hard to find any idols - watch tv and you see men are the sports personalities and CEO's, watch movies or cartoons and all the main characters will be males in 99% of them and the sole female will be there to be rescued by a man(it was no exception this time as I watched Ice Age II; the She-Mammoth was rescued by the He-Mammoth! ), read books (especially if you are a child, immersed in children-literatures) and hallelujah, the beautiful girl is waiting to be rescued by her father, brother or the handsome prince. This doesn't mean that books or movies don't exist that show the female characters in positive lightings; you just have to work really hard to find them.

As you grow older, you have to struggle and prove yourself twice worthy at each and every step - go for a career in math, astrophysics and computer science and people will wonder what a woman doing in these fields; go to any electronic or computer stores or to a car-mechanic and the employees there will treat you condescendingly while you can teach each and every one of them right from the managerial level how those electronic gadgets work, the science behind them, the mathematical formulas that drive them!! Striving to become a CEO one day? Be ready to give up marriage, family life and don't even dare to become a mother (unless of course you happen to be born in Norway or some of those Scandinavian countries); hammer out this last point that you hate babies and are ready to wring their necks if you happen to be a young woman appearing for a job interview for industries and service sectors. Interested in women sports? Well, you definitely then need a multi-millionaire prince to travel around the globe to witness women in actions or to get digital or paid tv-channels to watch their games ; otherwise, you will be in a tough luck to watch/read/hear anything remotely related to womens sports (unless of course it happens to be Tennis or Olympics) in any media.

So, it is no wonder that these 5 Saudi women decided to change their sex . Is that solution? I think not and hope not. We will be accepting defeat if we follow that path. Only solution is struggle, struggle and struggle...fight, fight and fight, and get united and support each other with the hope that our granddaughters and great-granddaughters will inherit a much better society to live.


  1. Another dialog in Ice Age II that caught my attention: The She mammoth was saying that the two (male) possoms are just boys, when they were running around.. implicit is that girls are not supposed to run around and create havoc...

  2. Yes, I noticed that too. But oh well, how much can you fight? Also, how many girls/women pay attention to all these and then stand up and fight? Instead you will often see them encouraging these type of mentalities..................

  3. Sad thing is: such dialogues are often not noticed, they are not obvious... but the subliminal messages gets drilled in... little girls invariably end up acting more like the she-mammoth (taking care of unruly brothers) and boys act like the three lead characters (mammoth, tiger and sloth, all of who are males)... also this sends a message that three boys are out having an adventure, girls cannot be part of this team....

  4. Quite right, sray :(.

  5. :) What I dont understand is...why women have a biased judgement and then think its curse being a woman!!!
    I am a woman and proud to!
    I have and read too about the male dominating society etc...but then look at Saniya Mirza she is a women n that too a muslim..she had so many tough times with her increasing fame...still she stood I will say look at the positive side and look ahead instead of thinking as a looser...just coz something somewhere was shown or written!!!
    I still believe woman is a blessing...she has the power to make a house into home...a woman who can be a daughter, sister, wife, mother, daughter-inlaw, mother-inlaw...think of all the good things..and if she is being ill-treated then she should teach a lesson as she is a teacher too when she is raising her kids :)
    cheer up gal

    use the gal power ;)

  6. I dun think that to be born a woman is a's such a beautiful experience only if u allow urself to be the woman u r...

    The only curse is to be born into families and cultures that dont allow u to be the woman that u r..


  7. Ah! seems like it was a good topic and there...everywhere my friends have left comments, and my hand is aching from answering them....:P:P:P.......but good god...I enjoying reading comments....:):):)

    Yo Dawn! are you telling me I am biased. Seriously, I have to buy some plane-tickets to come to Cali and give you some good punch......

    You can say I wrote that post more to make people aware. Women are atleast 3 billion in world. If all we get united, we can do so many things. But are we??

    We go to watch men's sports and don't even bother about what our sisters are doing in their sports.

    We become mothers-in-law and then torture our daughtes-in-law (The whole of Asia and Africa are great examples).

    Mothers are more often to lament about the birth of daughters than fathers do (again India is a great example).

    In Britain, women CEOs and managers are much more harsher to female employees if they don't wear make-ups compared to men. Why? Because if a woman can't take care of herself, then how can they take care of the company!!!! What sort of bloody stupid reasong is that???

    Women dedicate complete blogs talking about men's cricket and everything, they don't even bother to write a line or two regarding women's cricket or any other sports.

    Everywhere, everything is male-centric in this world. Recent studies have shown that girls lose the interest in scienec, math, technology from around the age of ten because they fail to find role-models.

    So, with all these in mind, the post was written so that we remember all these, become united and do something each and every moment so that the world becomes a good, full-of-opportunity-place for all the future girls to come.

  8. I have already answered Keshi in My Meandering thoughts :):)