Saturday, April 01, 2006

India vs Pakistan (Womens Cricket)

India's Delhi Blues (Delhi Women Cricket Team) will be playing against Pakistan's PCB Greens (Pakistan Women Cricket Team), reports WebIndia123. The itenary is as follows:

March 29: arrival of the Indian team
March 31: 1st one-day at Bagh-I-Jinnah
April 1: 2nd one-day at GCU Ground
April 3: 3rd one-day at Aitchison College
April 4: 4th one-day at GCU Ground
April 6: 5th one-day at LCCA
April 7: departure to Delhi

Today is 1st April and that means they have already played the first game. Unfortunately I can't fight any report on the game or any score or anything :(:(:(...Oh Well, as usual....

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