Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Stocks and Shares

In India, more and more women are entering the investment arena. Though they were always there (I've seen that among my own family and acquaintances), their numbers are increasing (still a long way to go). The story is here .

According to ICICI Bank officials, out of the 8,000 or so new demat accounts opened every month, 20 per cent are by women, compared with the 10 per cent it saw a couple of years ago. "There has been a 20 to 30 per cent increase in demat and brokerage accounts opened by women," sources from HDFC Securities said. ... these women are also assering themselves as shareholders. Kulkarni, for instance took a flight to Bangalore in June 2005 to attend the annual general meeting of Infosys Technologies where she is a shareholder. "During that visitand visits to other companies, I observed that there is an evident increase in the number of women making their presence felt at AGMs," she added.

In the USA, every bank has an agent who would offer free advice to the bank's clients regarding shares, stocks and bonds. S/he would also invest, monitor the market, keep a tab on the client's portfolio, advice one accordingly so that the client has an overall gain. In most banks, a client can start an investment by investing only $50. More money can be pour into investments once she becomes aware of how the market works and is ready to take some calculated risks (some books for dummies are available in bookstores; most big newspapers carry a big section on economy, stock-prices, shares, etc; also being aware of the new technologies that are coming into existence - for example biotech and nanotech are emerging technologies now; so we can hope that one day companies dealing with these techs would have a large market share and thus the stocks and shares of these companies would be profitable and thus perhaps are good companies to invest in).

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